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Hello and welcome to our website. We’re working behind the scenes right now to build the site design into something presentable. When we’re done we’ll start posting some great content. Articles, news, images, and videos to help you take advantage of the absolute best ab workout routine. The plank exercise!

Stay tuned!

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  1. Menloj

    I workout 5 days a week. Three of those days I run 4-5 miles and then go to the gym and lift for about 30 leolfwod by stretching, on the days I do not run I do about 30-40 min of cardio leolfwod by lifting. I have 10 lbs to go until I reach my goal weight (I use to weigh 230 at 5’3 ) of 130. I feel like I have plateaued. I follow the Eat Clean diet and stick with it. I just cant get the rest of the weight to budge. I am a pear shape do you have any suggestions? Thank you.


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