Am I Too Heavy To Do Planks?

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A question that I posed to myself before I began doing planks to work on my core was whether or not it was a good workout for me health-wise. The problem was that I was 6 ft tall weighing 245 Lbs. I’ve gotta tell you, the idea of hurting my back and never being able to work out again concerned me. In fact it would defeat the purpose of what I was doing. Never being able to work out again (at least like I’d like to) due to back injury would mean I’d be stuck at that weight forever. One of the many things I feared when I was contemplating trying a few planks.

So I did some research and, to make a long article short, there is no magic weight or BMI number to point to and say “Oh I’m too fat to do planks”. What you have to do is try a moderate workout with plank exercises or squeeze some into your regular workout routine. I personally would recommend you do them on their own because what you’re doing is trying to test how sore or uncomfortable they make your back, knees, and elbows. If you’re overweight (who’s not these days?), it is most likely going to be a bit more uncomfortable than you’d hoped, but again we’re looking for soreness and pain -after- the workout.

As always, consult your doctor to ensure you are physically fit to even try this exercise and remember the first few attempts are trials. Just go through the motions. Don’t feel like you need to actually get some cardio or muscle toning benefit from it starting out.

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